1. Bookings and Payments

  1. Seats are allocated on a first pay-first served basis and are secured on receipt of payment and booking forms only.
  2. Payment is required when submitting the booking form.
  3. Payment needs to be made 48 hours after receiving your booking number.
  4. Sage Pastel will not refund for incorrect payments been made.

2. Training Course Duration

  1. Training usually starts at 09h00 and finishes at 16h30. Registration opens at 08h30.
  2. Some courses are ½ day courses so the times will be different.
  3. Times may change to suit students and more time may be allocated or removed if need be.
  4. Delegates arriving after 09h30 for training will not be allowed to attend training and will not be refunded the course fee.

3. Seminars / Workshops

  1. Seminar and Workshop times may vary depending on type and duration, so please take special note of the registration times above.
  2. Meals and Snacks are not served at Seminars and Workshops.

4. Course Material

  1. All course material is included in the classroom course fee.
  2. No additional free manuals will be supplied if you lose / forget your manual when attending a course.
  3. Learners are required to bring their own consumable items such as a writing pad, pens etc. to classroom training.

5. Assessments

  1. The assessment fee has been included in the classroom training fees.
  2. Assessments are mandatory in order to obtain certification for attending a course.
  3. The pass mark for an assessment is 75% and 80% for Sage Evolution assessments.
  4. Assessments are all web-based, which means the student requires a PC with internet access to write the assessment.
  5. Students have 6 months in which to write their assessments from the day they attend the training or when they receive their self-study training kits.
  6. Penalties will be charged for students who miss the 6 month deadline. No extensions will be granted after missing the penalties deadline. Students would need to re-attend the course.
  7. Students need to write their assessment at their own venue / home.
  8. However, should the student choose to write their assessment at another Sage Pastel ATC, or come back at a later stage to write their assessment, the ATC reserves the right to charge them for administration and PC / internet usage fees at their discretion.
  9. Refresher & Bridging accreditation assessments will be based on the previous and current version.
  10. Certificates will be emailed to the student only once the student passes their assessment.
  11. Sage Pastel will charge for certificate reprints with spelling mistakes, incorrect ID numbers etc.
  12. Sage Intelligence Assessments are valid for 4 weeks only from the date of log-in activation where a welcome email will be sent through to the delegate.

6. Cancellations / Postponements

  1. Seats are allocated on a first-come-first pay basis.
  2. Attendee substitutions or postponements must be made in writing at least 2 working days prior to the course commencement date. You are only allowed one postponement.
  3. Strictly NO cancellations accepted once payment received and seat confirmed.
  4. Sage Pastel Accounting reserves the right to cancel any training should there be an insufficient number of delegates booked for that event.

7. Absent Delegates

  1. In the event that a delegate does not arrive for the course and no written confirmation was received and confirmed 10 days prior to the course commencement date, the full course fee will be payable.

8. Facilitators

  1. Sage Pastel reserves the right to substitute the facilitator should it be necessary.

9. Training Venue

  1. Sage Pastel reserves the right to move training to another training venue should it be necessary.

10. Drinks and Meals

  1. Drinks and / or meals are not mandatory and will therefore not be served with all our training courses.
  2. Drinks and / or meals are standard. Learners that have special dietary requirements are required to bring their own delectables.